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Different mixtures of ground Bait for Demsel Fish

This time we will be looking at some good different type of ground-bait mixtures that we can use for Demsel fish. Although this is a small species of fish it is not easy to catch a good number of them. This is normally fished for during Competitions to try and get some weight in which is not an easy task to do so unless you are rigged up properly for it with very light tackle and you need to attract have quite a lot of them to your swim to get some decent weight. When fishing for them it is very important to have a keep net with you to ensure that the fish is kept alive to enable you to release back at the end. If you do keep a few for making fish soup only keep the amount you are going to be using.


The ground-bait for attracting this type of fish and keeping them feeding in frenzy is are darker color ground baits like sardine & herring mixtures rather than other ground bait based on cheese. On another note if you are fishing by yourself it will be attracted by anything. For a specific mixture we can use one out of the many available some of which are Sardine Mix, Herring Mix, Special Bogue (the red pigment one that is used for Bogue), Sardine Oil & the ready Sardine Mixture. The ones I mentioned you can mix anything with them but most importantly would be some sardine oil as this species is very attracted to it. It is also a very good idea to mix some ‘Ammino’ that is just a small bag of fine powder note that this is used to give the fish more appetite so they just keep coming for the bait, this comes in 150g bags which is normally mixed with 6 kilos of ground bait as it is quite strong.   

Apart from all the above Ground baits that I have mentioned also from ELLEVI the best in the water ground bait brand have come up with another mixture called Special Small Fish that was specifically designed for this type of fishing , main species of fish this study was done on Demsel fish & small Bogue. I highly recommend that you try it out as the first time I did it gave me positive results, since then I never fail taking a bag of this ground bait to any competition I go to as if there is nothing else biting & see these species of fish around I would not be disappointed.


Another important note would be how to prepare this type of ground bait, the first thing to ensure that you do not mix the mixture too thick to avoid it from going straight down to the bottom as it would not be the correct way to ground bait for this type of fishing. It has to be quite moist as long as not too runny to avoid it from getting out of your swim quickly. The best way to ground bait would by means of spoon rather than making the bait in round dough.

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Peter Paul Azzopardi

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