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Ground Baiting

December 07, 2016

Ground Bait is one of the most important things for me & other anglers like me, this is due to it attracts the fish closer to your fishing spot. This gives you more chances of getting the fish to bite especially when fishing from shores. 

When fishing without using ground bait the only fish that are going to bite are the fish that are already in the area or any other fish swimming by , whilst when using ground bait you are attracting other fish to the area. In the old day’s bread & rotten cheese

Shore fishing for Squid

September 01, 2015

This type of fishing has been popular for quite a few years in Malta; it has been quite a few years since we had a good season as we have just had. The techniques have changed a little but the basics are still the same. It is quite an easy technique but you have to put up with the cold nights & rain if you want to be successful.

To enable you to practice this kind of fishing you would need a soft tip & sensitive rod that is fit for 10-30 grams of lead. The soft tip will enable to cast the artificial lure as far as possible.

Running Ledger Rig

May 06, 2017

ishing with the running ledger technique is a very relaxed way to fish which will still enable you to catch a good sized fish. This method is a very simple rig but still requires some skill to catch good size fish. 

There is nothing too difficult to rig up the running ledger technique, highly recommended is to use light tackle to enable more chances of finding a descent fish. All that is needed for this set up is a 3 – 4Mtr rod, light reel, lead, beads, swivels, shock leader line, snood line & hooks.

The weighted float rig (Bombarda)

July 03, 2017

Is not yet that popular here in Malta , but there is quite a few Anglers trying this technique out including myself that found it effective & good results. This technique was initially used for fresh water fishing until the Italians started using it for Sea fishing too with very good results.  

All that is required for this type of fishing is a light tackle rod & ideally a small reel to keep the tackle light not to tire out,  a selection of weighted floats (Bombarda)

Shore Fishing for Bogue (Vopi)

July 13, 2016

Fishing for Bogue is most probably the first type of fishing a newbie angler practices, it is also practiced by non-frequent anglers just as a pass time in Summer time for some peace & quite.

This type of fishing for Bogue (Vopi) is a very simple technique & does not require too much effort in rigging up rigs. All you would need is a fishing pole between 4 to 6 mtrs, hooks, line, float & lead. 

Children practicing Fishing

September 09, 2016

Now that Summer time is getting closer children will have more free time & fishing is a great way of passing time. Just a few words on how it is best to set them up to practice fishing.

Some people might say that their children boys or girls never been fishing before, that is not a problem as everyone had to start at some point.  

Fishing for Parrot Fish

December 15, 2016

The time for fishing the Parrot Fish ‘Marzpan’ starts, this is a bottom feeding and at this time of year it could be very productive at our shores. Fishing for the Parrot Fish can be very pleasant as they are quite strong fish & grow up to a descent size, in some cases even over a Kilo.

Summer Fishing with float at mid water

December 12, 2016

Now that the sea temperatures started to get warmer, fish comes in closer to shore due to the fish prefer warmer waters which make them swim closer in to shallower warmer waters. 

This time of year is different from winter time; fish prefer not to feed off bottom. 

Fishing Technique ‘Bil-Mitluq’ at Night

March 11, 2017

Night Fishing can be more satisfying than morning fishing, due to it is possible to catch other species & bigger fish at night. 

This Fishing Technique ‘Bil-Mitluq’ that I will be discussing on is fished with the hand Fishing pole / Whip. The most important is that the rod always needs to be longer than the depth you will be fishing in. 

Garfish ‘Imsell’ Season here

August 01, 2017

This year is looking promising as there has already been a few Garfish caught from shore.  This could be various reasons for the Garfish starting to be seen close to our shores again. In my opinion there was a lack of Garfish the last few years with fish farms being

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