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Fishing for Parrot Fish

he time for fishing the Parrot Fish ‘Marzpan’ starts, this is a bottom feeding and at this time of year it could be very productive at our shores. Fishing for the Parrot Fish can be very pleasant as they are quite strong fish & grow up to a descent size, in some cases even over a Kilo.


Although this fish can be found everywhere, the best places would be around open water especially where you see ledges. The Parrot Fish normally bites in the morning when the Sun has risen & could still productive whilst the sun is still over the sea.

To prepare the tackle for this species you can use a rod & reel & also a fishing pole. The rigs can be either my means of float & also bottom fishing with lead. I personally prefer to fish with the lead without the float to enable the line to sink rapidly. The line to use should not be too thin as this fish has quite sharp teeth that can easily snap the line. All depending on the experience especially if you have light rods & able to control the fish with the possibility of netting it too can use light tackle such as 0.14mm to 0.18

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

On the other had less experienced & have heavier spec tackle they would need to use a thicker line of between 0.20 – 0.26 this will enable you to take the fish out the sea without netting it & will not break the line. With regards to the hook size as long as they are good material you can use all the sizes between 10,9,8 or even 7 all depending on what bait is being used or if the size of the fish is known for the area. I like to use 2 types of ground bait for this species they tend to attract the Parrot Fish. There is various types & brands of ground bait in the market, the suggested ground bait for this particular  fish would be ‘Shrimp Mix’ or ‘Sardine Mix’ both manufactured by a well know brand Ellevi , they also have the following in tubs ‘Sardine Mix’ or ‘Sardine’ also by Ellevi that has proven to be positively effective.  


There are quite a few baits that can be used to catch Parrot Fish a few to mention would be shrimps, Korean Worm, Limpets ‘Imhar’ & crab meat.

. If you are going fishing targeting this species I would suggest that you always take a few Limpets or a couple of small Crabs apart from your usual shrimp & Korean worm as the Parrot Fish is very attracted to the Limpets & Crab.

Enjoy your fishing session & look out for the smaller fish you catch practice catch and release in order to ensure the fish has the possibility to produce fry & we all can enjoy them later on and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

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