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Difference on what line we use.

In the current market we can find a vast variety of fishing line not only different brands but also different materials. Today I will be discussing on the three different types of lines that we usually use which are monofilament, fluorocarbon and the fluorocoated.


The very common line that we use is monofilament, there is too many different types & brands of this type of line that in my opinion it is only good for hanging decorations at Christmas. This is due to it is either very weak to be used as fishing line. There is also very strong line made out of monofilament that is used when the fish are not that shy to bite or otherwise at night time. Normally this is also used to fill up your spools as long as it is a no memory type as it is specifically made for that use. This type of line is not that expensive hence specifically made for use to fill up your spool. I would recommend the use of the following line which is specifically made for this type of use which is XPOWER from the popular brand Ellevi.

Moving on to another type of line which is fluorocarbon, there was always talks that this was a non-visible line which is clear that this has always been a tale due to if it was non-visible we would use thicker line to avoid losing any fish. The fluorocarbon line advantages are that it does not reflect in the sun hence it is less visible when the seas are very clear & the other one is that it is also able to handle more abrasion wear when fishing off rocks & also less damage done to the line when the fish bite. This is quite an expensive line but when the seas are clear this could be the difference on the day. For this type of line I would recommend the line called INVISIBLE which is made for this type of use and also made by the popular brand Ellevi that comes in spools of 50mtrs.


The next fishing line we will be talking about is the fluorocoated fishing line; this is personally my favorite line to use as it has the best of both types of lines we discussed above, strength, less visibility, no memory & less abrasion damage. This is basically monofilament line coated with fluorocarbon that gives it less visibility but at the same time it is very strong line due to it being monofilament. Again in my opinion I would opt & recommend TOP KNOT also made by the popular brand Ellevi which I would never exchange for another. I suggest if you are into fishing to try this line to see the results yourself. 

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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