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Garfish Season here again

As the Garfish season is here again I will be recommending a good ground bait recipe that attracts this species. I will also be explaining on the best way fish for Garfish with a rod & reel set up.

The first thing to do when you arrive at the fishing location is to start preparing the ground bait if we want to have positive results. This is due to the mixture of the ground bait for the Garfish is different from other species requirements as it we do not want the mixture to become like dough & sinks to bottom because Garfish are found swimming on the surface.


The mixture we require for this mixture is a packet of Ellevi Sardine mix, packet of Ellevi Herring Meal, packet of Ellevi Pane belga & Ellevi sardine Oil. Obviously we will not be using all the ground bait mentioned at one time; this gives you the best ground bait mixture for Garfish with the following quantities. One full packet of Ellevi Sardine 1kg mix it well with 250grams of Ellevi herring meal, 500grams of Ellevi pane belga that is used to help the ground bait to disintegrate once it hits the surface. You must ensure that all the ingredients mentioned are mixed well whilst the ingredients are still dry to ensure they have been mixed properly.

Once we have this mixture ready it will be time to add a little Ellevi sardine oil & pour it over the surface of the whole mixture mix it well again to ensure that the oil has been mixed with the ground bait. All that is left to do is start adding water very slowly to the mixture until you achieve the consistency you are after. If you would like to ground bait in the shape of small round ground bait balls you would need to have the mixture not too soft to enable you to throw in the sea & will immediately disintegrate at the surface and will gradually leave a murky trail which Garfish are very attracted to. Now on the other hand if you prefer to ground bait by means of bait throwing cups /spoon you would need to add more water to the mix which will leave a murky trail straight away.  


This year it seems that the Garfish have not come in very close to shore so it would be best to use a rod & reel set up rigged with a floating ‘bombarda’ weight would all depend on what the rod is rated to. We will need around one meter and a half of good quality light line with only one hook on the end. The hook size all depends on the size of the Garfish we can use between size 14 all the way to size 9 hooks.  

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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