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Beach Ledgering.

When talking to most people & mention bottom fishing they imagine that this can only be practised & productive in open sea , sharp rocks & places that do not have easy access. This type of fishing I will be talking about today is one of my favourites that I like to practice at night although it is still productive during the day as long as there are not any people swimming.


There is quite a few different rigs you can use for this type of fishing but today i will be focusing on the rig that I have had most results. Apart from this type of rig you can use other techniques , systems that I have already explained about on previous issues of 'Il-Passa' such as the running ledger & 'bombarda' . These two that i have just mentioned are also good for bottom fishing on sandy grounds apart from the other system most people use 'paternoster rig' ( 2 rigs above each other & a weight at the bottom

The rig I am going to explain today has partial set up of the running ledger & similar to 'paternoster' rig too as you can see on the diagram . When fishing a sandy bottom I always to debate what type of rig I was going to use, that is when I decided to come up with a rig that was similar to 2 other techniques. To make this rig you will be looking at tying 2 rigs of around 15cm each above each other and either on the end of the line or directly on the bottom flat weight have another rig attached of roughly 50 cm to enable you to also fish the area on the sandy bottom that will give you more area coverage apart from the other 2 rigs that are fishing off the bottom. Most important thing to do is always rig up as light as you feel comfortable to achieve better results.  I can not tell you what size of line , hook or sinker as that all depends on what type of gear you have or using. The  time & place also is something to look at when preparing the rigs as it effects all depending on both  fishing spot & time. This rig can also be used off boats especially when fishing over a sandy bottom were one can find a nice 'Pagella' .  When it comes to bait for this type of fishing you can use quite allot of different baits such as 'Korean' worm , frozen worm , 'Bibi' in brine , live shrimp & frozen shrimp by having three hooks you can also bait each hook with different bait.


Always keep it in mind that if you catch any small sized fish release it back to enable us enjoy fishing in the future. A keep-net is a very good method of keeping the fish alive. At the end you can see what fish you will take home to eat & the rest back to fight another day.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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