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Bolognese Rod and Float with Adrian Nelson.

The beauty of fishing Bogues does not require special equipment. We can mount a fixed float, a Bolognese or running float. Fishing takes place in mid-water or at most three quarters of the bottom so we can use rods that launch to 15/20 meters from our location. Today we will focus towards Bolognese or telescopic rod with rings that must necessarily possess tip action, preferably rigid, to maximize uptime and outrun the readiness of vogues. Personal preferences are a Bolognese from 5 meters to 7 meters Milo Sinfony and Milo Kod is more of a lifter when fishing in high places above sea level, with a reel size 2000 pairing ideal for Bogues. The floats used have tapered shapes (carrot or pear inverted) to a flow rate of 2 or 3 grams. It is better to buy port models-starlight for any fishing at night or during dusk and dawn.


Start Ground baiting the area and look out for Bogues that are being attracted by the ground bait. As a selection of ground bait go for sardines or ready mixed Ellevi special ground baits with an addition of sardine oil and amino acids will make it even better. Ellevi are superb and never disappoints – ‘Parola’ Di Nelson


As bait use shrimps and have available also some special Atomic Bait sea worms which are unique in Malta …. They are naturally bred in sea waters and can make a big difference in some occasions.


Go for thinner line even to 0.12 fluoro in clear conditions. Eventually this can change and go even to 0.18 fluoro as it gets tougher with a good swell and some surf in water.


One good trick …… ground baiting ….. focus on your ground baiting watch currents and time your launch to fish inside the ground baited area as this will give you results.


Another good advice …. Go search for your own places and not the real frequented ones as most probably you will end up empty handed …. I can assure you that Bogues are all around the place in open waters at the moment. It will just take out the skill in you to spot places and work to achieve a good result by focusing on what you are really doing





If you need any more information you can easily find me on Facebook

Tight Lines

Adrian Nelson

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