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Why do I never catch anything !

On several Occasions I have clients that come to the shop & tell me ‘why do I never catch anything!’ or the angler next to me was landing fish all the time & I never do when I do manage it is a miracle. There is a lot of different factors but normally that means the other person is using something better than you do if not everything.

The fish now a days has become more difficult to land as it has become more cautious & also another contributing factor would be there is less fish around hence if we do not have the right tackle & techniques you will not see any good results. Let’s start looking at what the reasons could have been that others around you caught fish & you didn’t.


The Rod: If the one that was fishing next to you had a longer Rod / Pole , he could have been keeping the fish attracted to his bait further out or it could also be the case if he was fishing with lead weight at the bottom he could of found some fish close to the bottom. When you find yourself in these situations it is important to have a good Ground Bait ELLEVI so you can attract the fish to your fishing spot that way you can get the disadvantage you had of the fish not entering your spot.

The Fishing Line: Sometimes I see people fishing & the line is very noticeable from 10 mtrs away, we normally say he is using a mooring rope not a fishing line. The Fishing line you use makes a lot of difference the smaller the diameter the better & a bigger chance of the fish biting. This needs to be calculated depending on the action of your Rod, you would not be using a thin diameter line on a hard action rod. The best type of Fishing line to use at daytime would be Floro Coated like TOP KNOT & night time you can use the normal line we call monofilament.

The Float: It is very important to have the correct type of float depending at what technique you are looking at practicing & what fish is targeted. In no circumstance you are to use a big float as the fish will note that there is something strange & will release the bait immediately out of the mouth.


The Bait: This is another thing that can make a difference too. The bait should be as fresh as possible & present the bait properly on the hook. If you use Dried French Bread Plait with Milk ‘Farka’ ensure that it has been prepared correctly & ensure it is correctly baited to the hook , if you see that there is the smaller fish nibbling away at it you would be better off going for using Quick Use Bait paste ‘Pastella’ you can find this in different flavors either shrimp , cheese or cheese & sardine It’s soft but sticks tenaciously to the fishhook even when casting.


The Ground Bait: In my opinion the ground Bait is the most important thing to have with you to help attract the fish to your fishing spot you have various types for any kind of fish you are targeting.  The Main Brand Ellevi that specializes in ground bait  have  a vast  selection of ground bait to attract all different species of fish from Damsel Fish , White Sea Bream, Saddled Sea Bream , Bogue, Salema &  Mackerel

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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