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The weighted float rig (Bombarda) 

Is not yet that popular here in Malta , but there is quite a few Anglers trying this technique out including myself that found it effective & good results. This technique was initially used for fresh water fishing until the Italians started using it for Sea fishing too with very good results.  

All that is required for this type of fishing is a light tackle rod & ideally a small reel to keep the tackle light not to tire out,  a selection of weighted floats (Bombarda), swivels, stoppers & beads & a few terminal lines around 1.5mtrs long  & less breaking strain than the main line with different sized hooks. Hook size obviously depending what type of fish are being targeted.  

As you can see on the diagram it is a very simple set up & there is 4 different types of weighted floats (Bombarda) which are:Floating, intermediate, sinking and a "refill" version. This helps you target quite a lot of different species of fish.

Floating type (Bombarda) is effective for catching Garpike (Imsell) but also good for other surface feeders, Boxlip Mullet (Bobin), Saddled Seabream (Kahlija), Mackerel (Sawrell), Derbio (Strilja) etc.

Intermidiate type (Bombarda) is effective for catching Bogue (Vopi), Blotched Picarel (Pajzan), Saddled Seabream (Kahlija), Mackerel (Sawrell), Amberjack (Cervjol), Seabass (Spnott) etc.

Sinking type (Bombarda) is effective for catching Annular Seabream (Sparli), Black Seabream (Tenuta), Common Pandora (Pagell)  & other bottom fish.

Refill type (Bombarda) allows you to fill up with water to enable it to become heavier targets same fish as the sinking type but it is best to use when there are stronger currents or the sea depth is quite deep

A good bait is Worm (Korean) for this type of fishing as the bait is sits quite firm on the hook especially when you cast out. Frozen Shrimps are also used but as I mentioned would prefer worm (Korean).

In my opinion the best way to fish with this method is to cast as far out possible & retrieve in slowly till you feel the fish bite. If you feel a descent strike it usually means that the fish is on & just continue reeling in to net the fish. However if you feel continually feel little bites stop reeling in for a few seconds to enable the fish to swallow the bait when you start reeling in again the fish should be hooked on.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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