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Fishing Technique ‘Bil-Mitluq’ at Night

Night Fishing can be more satisfying than morning fishing, due to it is possible to catch other species & bigger fish at night.


This Fishing Technique ‘Bil-Mitluq’ that I will be discussing on is fished with the hand Fishing pole / Whip. The most important is that the rod always needs to be longer than the depth you will be fishing in. I personally like to use the 8 Meter Fishing Pole for this technique as it normally enables you to fish most places or at least most of the fishing spots! There is no requirement for a lot of tackle & gear to practice this technique. All that is needed are the fishing pole, fishing line & hooks. The rig is set up just the line the full length of the fishing pole, the line thickness all depends on the type of pole used & the capability of the angler. The thickness used normally varies from 0.18 mm & 0.30mm important is to use a good quality line that can handle the fish bite a good brand & well known line is Top Knot. Once you connect the line to the tip all that is left to do is tie a hook on the end same again this varies to every individual  hook size recommendations are size from 2 to size 6 there is quite a lot of hooks available but need to ensure they are a good size. That is you set up no other tackle required. For those that ask don’t we need any lead or floats answer is no nothing else required for this type of fishing. The only other important thing you need is fishing net to enable you to retrieve the fish as bigger fish tend to bite.  

If you will be just staying at one fishing spot you will need to take some Ellevi ground bait with you to attract the fish into the spot. It is a must to not make too much noise when throwing the ground bait just throw it gently to avoid disturbing the fish that could be already around. Otherwise if you plan not to stay in one spot there is no need for ground baiting, just cast & move on if there is no fish biting until you reach a spot where they are.

With regards to bait there is various that you can use but I always take the following with me shrimp, Korean Worm & Bibi ‘Sotto Sale’ (Brine)

If there is no small fish around that nibbles the bait, I use the hook size shrimp or Korean worm if there is small fish nibbling I then use the Bibi ‘Sotto Sale’ (Brine)  as it is a tougher bait & the smaller fish are not able to nibble it. If we have use any artificial light it is important not to point it facing the sea, also if there is already quite a lot of light in the area you will need to use thinner fishing line as the fish will notice it. To enable us to cast the bait best to use the same technique as we would do when casting the fishing Rod with reel , just release the bait behind us & swing the bait out. When the bait is sinking slowly with its own weight you can feel the tip of your pole when any fish are biting. When the fish actually bite you are not to jerk the pole immediately as the fish would be still taking the bite you will notice a strong jerk when the fish is actually on.    

As you can see there is not a lot of gear & tackle required for this technique but in Summer time a couple cans of beer & in Winter a flask of Coffee will not be a bad idea. Some of the Species that you can expect to catch with this type of rig are Saddled Seabream (Kahli) , White Seabream (Sargi), Seabass (Spnott), Guilded Seabream (Awrat), Annular Seabream (Sparli), Atlantic Horse Mackerel (Sawrella) or a  European Barracuda (Lizz) that normally ends up biting through the line with his sharp teeth.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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