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Shore Fishing for Bogue (Vopi)

Fishing for Bogue is most probably the first type of fishing a newbie angler practices, it is also practiced by non-frequent anglers just as a pass time in Summer time for some peace & quite.

This type of fishing for Bogue (Vopi) is a very simple technique & does not require too much effort in rigging up rigs. All you would need is a fishing pole between 4 to 6 mtrs, hooks, line, float & lead.  You can easily find pre made rigs that come complete with float, lead & hooks if that is your preferred option. There is also a different method that you can use very simple just the main line, weight at the bottom & between 2 / 3 flapper type lines , with this rig up it makes it easier to feel any fish biting due to direct contact with the fishing pole. Bait to use would be small frozen shrimps & ground bait to attract the fish to your fishing spot. In winter time for the more experienced anglers, there is a better chance of catching a nicer size Bogue (Vopi) & the most common technique is the ‘Running Float’ rig up.

The advantages of using this technique is that enables you to cast further out by means of rod & reel , with the chances of catching the bigger sized of Bogue (Vopi) but also possibility of catching Blotched Picarel (Pajsan) & Saddled Sea bream (Kahlija). The bait suggested to use for this type of fishing would be same again small frozen shrimps although worm is more preferred due to it holds better on the hook. Targeting the bigger Bogue (Vopi) recommended to use light tackle would be the best to use a small reel rigged with fine line & a 3 to 4 mtrs rod & running float as they normally tend to not come very close inshore.

To enable you to cast further it is important to have the reel spooled with light tackle line. I personally use a 10 grams float, size 11hooks on the snood lines & lead round about 8 grams , as mentioned above I use both small frozen shrimps & worm to enable me to find out what the  fish are really going for on the day.

Good to have a few ground bait balls ready not too compact so it enables the ball of ground bait to burst when it hits the surface to attract the Bogue (Vopi) closer to the fishing spot as if you do not do this there is a possibility of the fish swimming away from the spot & ending up with not many good results. 

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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