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What are the benefits of being a member?

This time i am going to explain on the benefits when one becomes a member of a shore fishing Club  


When joining in a fishing club it does not mean that it is just about competing in fishing competitions but there are other advantages that you can obtain from this club. For a small annual fee of €25 you can become a member and benefit from meeting and making friends with other anglers that are passionate about fishing same as you. The club also organizes seminars like we have just held last month on float fishing, were we had a very good explanation in detail by one of the best Malta's national team member also known as the' Ellevi Boy ' Adrian Nelson. Whilst he was going through how to use this technique all the ones present could ask any questions they wanted to see how they can improve , others really concentrating on what was being said & taking in as many tips so they can try a incorporate into their technique. This seminar went on for around an hour & a half were it was followed with a 'Fenkata' that was organized were everyone gathered round the table as a family &  discussions on the subject carried on. It is overwhelming to see how much the members discuss & share different ideas helping each other out with any weak areas one might have. The members attendance at these seminars & interest encourages us as a club to organize them more frequent the next one should be announced shortly.

Apart from this if you do wish to compete in any of the 3 leagues the Club organizes every year, you will find members that are willing to help you. It is not all about competing & winning every time but you will be fishing in a very friendly environment where everyone treats each other as family. The other competitors will also give you all the advice you need with regards to techniques, bait & ground baiting it would be best to use for these competition matches.


Members of is Club also enjoy meeting up & take others especially new starts to a fishing session were they can show & explain in more detail on different techniques for targeting different species of fish one of them would be Mullet

If you need any more information you can easily find me on Facebook

Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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