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Using Running Float Technique for Bogue & Blotched Picarel in January.

Fishing with the Running Float technique this time of year can give us great satisfaction when it comes to targeting good sized Bogue and Blotched Picarel amongst other species that can also bite on this technique.

The advantages that this technique gives us  that we can fish mid water as far out as possible with a float were good sized Bogue normally can be found. The bigger sized Bogue does not come close to shore so it is up to us to look for a spot where it might be swimming at. I will not be explaining verbally how to rig up this set up but I have sketched up this diagram that where it makes it easier to understand how it has to be rigged. The tracer from the swivel is advisable to rig up same as a Paternoster rig with as many hooks you would like ideally between 2 to 3 hooks and a lead at the end of the rig depending on the buoyancy of the float. The float size recommended would be roughly around 30 grams.


It is recommended to prepare a few Ground Bait balls purposely for Bogue & to enable us to throw them as far as possible. The Ellevi Special Bogue Mix  which is specifically for this species mixed with a packet of ‘Pane Belga’ same brand Ellevi.


The purpose of this Ground bait mixture is for it to disintegrate as soon as it hits the water’s surface which means you would be ground baiting a larger area.   When it comes to the gear & tackle to use  will be looking for rod & reel preferably light not too stiff and around 3 to 4 mtrs , with a combination of a small reel same again nothing too big  to avoid having to hold on to heavy gear and tiring out.  


The line spooled on the reel does not need to be thick to enable us to cast further. The final trace all depends on the size of Bogue normally it is known to use .18 line & size 10 hooks.

For bait you normally use frozen shrimp or Korean Worm which is the preferred bait lately as I find it is easier to cast without coming off the hook and does not uncover the hooks.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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