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Ground Baiting

Ground Bait is one of the most important things for me & other anglers like me, this is due to it attracts the fish closer to your fishing spot. This gives you more chances of getting the fish to bite especially when fishing from shores.


When fishing without using ground bait the only fish that are going to bite are the fish that are already in the area or any other fish swimming by , whilst when using ground bait you are attracting other fish to the area. In the old day’s bread & rotten cheese (The ordinary person not into fishing would complain due to the stench this mixture makes) in some cases they also used herring in the mix. Not that this type of ground bait is not good but today we have more specialized ground baits for all type of species. The difference is that it does not allow the fish to continuously feed on the ground bait or having the fish chasing the bread lumps that are being dragged away by the currents. The fish will end up swimming away from your area.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

The pre-packed ground bait comes in sealed packets & all that is required is to add some water to the mix. This enables the angler to keep the fish in the area also attracting other fish into the area. A good brand has ground baits that attract quite a lot of different species such as Bogue (Vopi), Salpa (Xilep), Picarel (Munqara), Damselfish (Cawl), Seabass (Spnott), Mullet (Mulett) and other surface & bottom feeding fish.


There is a wide range of ground baits available containing ground sardines, ground cheese, sardine oil & ground herrings that are also used for baiting traps.

A couple of tips to take note of , is that when you are bottom fishing the ground bait is made in for of a small ball so it will enable the ground bait to reach the bottom quicker & starts to dissolve, this will help you avoid the small fry eating all the ground bait at surface. When fishing for surface species just add more water and ensure the mixture is not to hard to enable the ground bait stay on the surface.

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