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Children practicing Fishing

Now that Summer time is getting closer children will have more free time & fishing is a great way of passing time. Just a few words on how it is best to set them up to practice fishing.

Some people might say that their children boys or girls never been fishing before, that is not a problem as everyone had to start at some point.  Also if the parents are not that keen on fishing it does not mean that the children would not enjoy some relaxation with the family on a quay, or promenade. This is good quality time that a family can share with their children, especially when they manage to catch some fish. Going fishing does not mean you have to spend a full day doing it, just a little while is also good enough & it would mean time spent enjoying the company of each other.  Most important is to ensure we protect our children from the sun by ensuring they have a hat & the use of Sunblock.

All that equipment & tackle you need are a fishing pole that now a days you can find for the prices between 5 & 15 Euros which is a one time purchase , some premade rigs that which are also available with floats , some groundbait & bait either shrimps or worm.


Ensure that when buying tackle do not just buy too much as if they are not catching fish they might not enjoy it also to ensure they do not leave any rubbish laying about when fishing session is over. On the other hand if they do manage to catch fish it is important that we teach them to practice catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters, that way they will be able to still enjoy fishing as they grow older.

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Peter Paul Azzopardi

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