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New lead sinkers to make it easier for the Angler

This time I am going to discuss on new lead that is very convenient for various fishing techniques. This can be used for any float fishing set up , bottom fishing such as fishing for bream and can also be used for who likes to fish with line , hook set up and would need to add some weight due to wind or currents.  

When I came across this type of lead I immediately started to wonder how the best to have this lead used. Straight away I seen the the benefits for myself and also not to damage the line. As you can see in the picture this type of lead is going to change the way we have to rig up the methods of fishing and set ups due to it has more benefits using this type to the earlier type of lead on of which was the slotted type that you would slowly crimp on to the line and also the other lead which has a small hole right trough.

The slotted lead can cause damage to line especially if one puts a little more force in crimping it closed and the more of these we add to the line there is more chances of damaging the line. The other type of lead which has a hole in the middle (running) you always require to have some sort of stopper to avoid it from going all the way down to the hook.

Now when it comes to this lead system , they are available in weights from 0.40g and range up to  5g which enables a wide range of set ups that we frequently use. The use And application of this lead is very simple and convenient , all that is required is to run the line through a couple of silicone strips that are supplied with the lead which will be holding the lead in place by means of the two look like needles at each end of the lead.


All you need to do is just slot the silicone pipe across each side of the lead without having to cut the line to run the line through the lead and avoiding any damage to the line when using the crimp on lead. The fact of enabling us to change out different weight quite quickly especially without damaging the line are very advantageous. It is also very firm it does not come loose as it just locks it self in the position we wish , unless we need to adjust depth or increase or decrease the weight we require.


As you can see from this article i am  impressed with the diversity of the use of these lead weights , especially with all the advantages as it does not damage or fray the line , quick and convenient to exchange

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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