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Summer Fishing with float at mid water

Now that the sea temperatures started to get warmer, fish comes in closer to shore due to the fish prefer warmer waters which make them swim closer in to shallower warmer waters.


This time of year is different from winter time; fish prefer not to feed off bottom. With this in mind there is no need to ensure the bait is just off bottom in fact it would be better to keep the bait at least 1 mtr off the seabed.  Another important note to follow is to ensure the ground bait is not to compact to enable the ground bait to dissolve on its way down. Best ground bait to use would be the finer granules that leave a murky cloud which will attract the fish & sets them to frenzy but when they look for food the ground bait is too fine & the only bait they will find will be your bait on the hook.

To fish this technique recommended tackle for a novice would be a fishing pole  between 5 to 7 mtrs depending on what you prefer , light tackle thin diameter line due to in summer the seas are clearer. With regards to the float choice best would be to use the sensitive balsa wood ones obviously check the float to see what lead you would need to use. When it comes to the hook size any from 9 , 10 or 11 are good to avoid hooking the smaller sized fish although if we do catch the smaller fish we should release them back into the sea immediately to give the fish a better chance of surviving.


For more experienced angler this technique can be used with a reel & rod with a Bolognese set up or one of my favorite is the waggler float, this is the pencil type float. This time of year we can find quite a lot of different species of fish at mid water. To mention a few of the species Annular Bream ‘Sparli’, Two-banded Seabream ‘Xrieghen’, Salpa ‘Griewel’, Bogue ‘vopi’ & especially Mullet ‘Mulett’. For those that fish with the waggler technique it helps if you keep the ground bait mixture soft & add some ‘Pane Belga’ to enable the ground bait to disintegrate quicker on its way down same applies who casts the ground bait further out.


Tight Lines & practice catch & release for the smaller fish to hopefully enable the fish to reproduce & can enjoy them in the future.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

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