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Running Ledger Rig

Fishing with the running ledger technique is a very relaxed way to fish which will still enable you to catch a good sized fish. This method is a very simple rig but still requires some skill to catch good size fish.


There is nothing too difficult to rig up the running ledger technique, highly recommended is to use light tackle to enable more chances of finding a descent fish. All that is needed for this set up is a 3 – 4Mtr rod, light reel, lead, beads, swivels, shock leader line, snood line & hooks. The diagram that I have prepared for you is quite a simplified version to enable you setting up easily. The first thing you would need to look at is what your rod is rated to with regards to lead weight to enable you to use the purchase the correct lead. This lead has a right through hole in the middle to enable you to insert the shock leader through the lead, following the lead insert a bead to protect the line getting damaged every time you cast. Next step would be to connect a swivel which we will be connecting the snood line too. I always recommended using a smaller diameter & lbs strength from the main line. This will allow the snood line to break away from the main line if the line gets hooked to the seabed. This will save you losing the lead every time you get snagged to the seabed. The length of snood line normally recommended having it around a meter long. Best to have some pre-made rigs before you go fishing, to avoid wasting time when fishing & the fish are biting.

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Tight Lines

Peter Paul Azzopardi

When using this type of rig you can use various types of bait, one of the best baits I find when fishing with the running ledger is the worm due to it holds well on the hook & also the presentation of the bait enables it to wiggle. This technique can be used both day time & night time.

With this technique the most important thing to look out for is the seabed; avoid reeling in slowly when the lead hits the bottom as if the seabed is well known for snagging you will be getting snagged more frequently. When you are aware that the seabed is quite flat & does not normally snag it helps when you reel in a little every now & then. This is a huge benefit to the angler because the first real resistance that the fish feels once it’s taken your bait will be from your rod tip and not your weight. This should result in a much stronger ‘bite’ as the hook is set by the rod (which the angler can feel) and not the weight (which the angler cannot feel). The angler should also be able to feel the movements of the fish much more directly without the hindrance of the weight. This rig is not recommended to use where there is a lot of sea weed as it would be a waste of time most of the time. The species of fish with this rig is limited hence recommended to cast the rod & use a rod holder & wait for that good size fish to bite.

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