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15/04/18 4th Match HOFC Tubertini Doubles League 2018 held at 'Bacir'

Marlon Tanti and Wayne Bugeja crowned champions with still one match to go

Tubertini boys Marlon Tanti and Wayne Bugeja were today confirmed champions of the HOFC Tubertini 2018 doubles league. Just 5 points in today’s match in Cospicua dock was all they needed to confirm their first place overall in the final table although they managed the full 6 points.

In today’s match John Cardona and Paul Sammut gathered also some needed points to close up in top three places. They won the overall first in today’s match with just over the kilo mark.

In second place today also a good match for Brady Sammut and Etienne Sillato. With the 5 points gathered they also move in close contention for the second and third overall places.

Noel Baldacchino fishing the match on his own managed some damage limitation with a 2 points in the bag which saw him and his doubles partner Dorian Formosa maintaining second place in the overall table.

A pitty that Ninu Zhara did not manage to land 3 mullets today as they would of been enough to top the section & possibly also that could of placed 1st overall in today's match.

Section wins of the day were won by Adrian Nelson and Peter Paul Azzopardi together with Hertian Gauci and Godfrey Mifsud in group A while Alexander and Carmel Spiteri won section B.

It all boils down to the final match in a week time, with 6 teams fighting in close contention for the second and third places.

Special thanks goes for the main league sponsor Tubertini with their help in final prizes.

Marshalls on the day were Lawrence Pulis , Matthew Dimech and Sheldon Bouvett, providing the anglers with a nice tasty bun during the match.

Well done to all anglers that took part in the Doubles 2018 League. It was a well fought league in great club spirit.

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