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1st Match HOFC Ellevi Float League 2018

1st Match HOFC Ellevi Float League 2018 . This match was held at Kalkara in very uncertain weather.Match started at 7:00 sharp in some nice weather over Kalkara but at around 8:40 lightning started approacing and the commitee for security reasons decide to wait for the lightning to pass for our anglers safety.After some waiting time since the end of the match time hadn't passed we continued fishing at around 10:15 in some good weather and more action.The committee decide to add an extra hour to make good for the time lost waiting for lightning to pass and finished fishing at noon. Winners in first place Michael Godfrey , second place Noel Baldacchino & in third place Peter Paul Azzopardi. Biggest fish caught by Michael Godfrey a mullet weighing at 560 grams. #hofcmaltaWinners

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