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Hooked On Fishing Club Malta 4th Leg Doubles 2014 Competition.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta 4th Leg Doubles 2014 Competition.

This Competition was held on the 27th April 2014 at Sliema. Commenced at 07:00 & finished at 11:00.

We all met up at 06:00 where the pegs where allocated as per the previous Classification. The usual chatting & jokes between all participants, especially for the early birds. This 4th Doubles Match was the final closing leg of the Doubles League so it was important to all as everyone was eager to see who the winners were going to be & the final results.

Sliema was chosen as the venue for this due to weather permitted there as the other locations were not favorable for the weather conditions that had been forecasted. As the start signal was given every one started to fish using all sorts of techniques shortly after fish was being caught most of them bottom fish. Everyone tried their best & tried out different techniques but there was not many fish caught, although there was over 10 Kilos of fish caught. As mentioned it was mainly bottom fish Ocellated Wrasse, Painted Wrasse, Painted Comber & had a few Boxlip Mullet too. Wish to emphasize that all the fish caught where all released. The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters. There was a lack of Mullet & Annular Sea bream which all the teams were hoping to have attracted to their pegs.

The usual gathering at the end of the match with everyone discussing what went on that morning, learning from each other knowledge experience & techniques used.

Winners of the match day where presented with Vouchers from our sponsor ‘Fishin Fever tar Rabat’

The winners of this Competition was team named ‘Falcon’ with 2 Kilos, in 2nd place team ‘Ellevi Fever’ with 1 Kilo & 220 grams & 3rd place team ‘Dolphins’ with 1 Kilo. Total fish caught 10 Kilos & 260 grams

As this was the last leg of the Doubles League we also have the League Winners

1st Place - The Catchers- Sandro Zammit u Brian Farrugia

2nd Place - Dolphins- Jonathan Bonnici u Stephen Borg

3rd Place - Ellevi Fever- Peter Paul Azzopardi u Mario Micallef

Biggest Fish – ‘Niccu’ 0.930 grams (Mullet)

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