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First Competition ‘Ellevi Mullet league’ 2014 2nd Leg.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta

First Competition ‘Ellevi Mullet league’ 2014 2nd Leg.

This was held at ‘Marsaxlokk’ on the 28th September 2014. In this competition it is only possible to weigh in Mullet hence this is a more difficult competition than other ones for any species.

We met at 06:00hrs as usual but we had to take our time to assign all the pegs due to the lack of daylight. Apart from the daylight issue it proved difficult as most of the fishing boats were all moored, so there was a lack of space where we could assign for fishing. All the participants were eager to see where his fishing spot is going to be & all hoping there was Mullet at the fishing spots. Once the spots were advised all the anglers started to rig up & preparing the ground bait.

At 7:15 everyone was rigged up & awaiting the start signal to start ground baiting & start fishing to hopefully see how the fishing spots where like for the Mullet to bite. From the beginning it was taught that the Mullet were not biting, in fact there was saddled bream & annular bream caught at the early part of the competition.

The competitors kept persisting & trying different techniques throughout the competition trying to attract & catch the targeted species Mullet. There was a few small Mullet being caught later on in the competition around 2 hrs. from the start. Miguel Grech was getting a few bites & there was others also catching quite some small Boxlip Mullet & that is when the weight started to pick up at various pegs of which Adrian Nelson , Sheldon Bouvett & Josef Cassar where.

Just 45 minutes to the end of the competition Peter Azzopardi managed to attract the Mullet at his fishing spot to an extent that he could fish with his had pole where he managed to catch a descent size Mullet & another 6 small ones, lost quite a few other species as he all of sudden was getting quite some fish to bite.

Competition came to an end at 11:15hrs, the usual gathering at the end of the match whilst all the fish were being weighed in with everyone discussing what went on that morning, learning from each other knowledge experience & techniques used.

Winners of the match day where presented with Vouchers from our sponsor ‘Fishin Fever tar Rabat’ The winners of the 2nd Leg Ellevi Mullet Competition were in 1st place Peter Azzopardi, 2nd place Miguel Grech & in 3rd place Adrian Nelson.

With only one more Leg to go in this ‘Ellevi Mullet League’ we can say it is still there for anyone in the taking.

The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters all the fish where released to fight another day. Anyone wishing to follow us or join our 'Club' can do this by either joining us on facebook or visit our website

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