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4th Leg Singles Hooked on Fishing Club League , Sponsored by Xuereb Installations Ltd.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta

4th Leg Singles Hooked on Fishing Club League , Sponsored by Xuereb Installations Ltd.

After the ‘Ellevi Mullet League ‘came to an end , the much anticipated Singles League continued on the 26th October at Manoel Island Gzira.

We all met at the meeting point at 06:00hrs & all participants discussed about their passion for fishing & how everyone thought the day will turn out for the much awaited venue where it is known that it is a good fishing ground. Around 06:15 the usual peg assignment commenced whilst the spots where being drawn out to enable the participants to go & start rigging up their gear & preparing the ground-bait & bait.

As soon as the signal sounded at 07:00hrs everyone started ground-baiting their spots & casting away their first casts. There was quite a few spots that where managing to land fish from the start of the day & looked to be the ones with a chance of taking the lead on the day as there was quite a few decent sized Parrot Fish caught. This species of fish often helps out the individuals to win the competitions as it is quite a solid heavy fish.

At around 09:00 there was one specific spot where was being fished by Peter Paul Azzopardi & managed to attract some Mullet & managed to keep them at his spot by continuously ground-baiting the area to keep the Mullet around. That is when he managed to land nine Mullet in a space of an hour.

When the end of the competition was signaled at 11:00 everyone started to put away their gear, the Marshalls of the day started going round the 18 Competitors for the weigh in of the fish caught. Overall the fishing was good when you take it into consideration that over 21Kgs of fish where caught from one coast.

Winners of the match day where presented with Vouchers from our sponsor ‘Fishin Fever tar Rabat’

The winners of this 4th Leg Singles Competition were in 1st place Jonathan Bonnici with 2.590kg , 2nd place with 2.340kg & in 3rd place Peter Paul Azzopardi with 2.250kg. Total fish caught 21 Kilos & 450grams which is a good result. Wish to emphasize that all the fish caught where all released.

The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

Any one wishing to follow us or join our 'Club' can do this by either joining us on facebook or visit our website www.hofcmalta.comMiguel Grech

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