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6th Leg Singles Hooked on Fishing Club League , Sponsored by Xuereb Installations Ltd.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta

6th Leg Singles Hooked on Fishing Club League , Sponsored by Xuereb Installations Ltd. This Competition was held on the 7th December 2014 at Boilers Wharf (Senglea) it was a very much anticipated for the Club. Reason being due apart from section wins of the day & also the winners of this Leg would be taking a trophy it also determined the winner of this prestigious singles League. The way the Club’s system works there was Group A & 4 out of the 5 in that group were with the chance of winning the League so it was a very close one to call & the anglers put in a good (Sportive) fight directly in Group A.

We all met up at 06:00 where as what usually happens a few jokes & tips on how to fish the venue where not a miss. Although when it comes to this stage of the leagues you would see some tension building up , you cannot say the same for our club as it was a very pleasant atmosphere with members joking & talking about what they love to do , same as every other competition day. Around 06:15 everyone was going to the peg that has been assigned to them via the earlier poll taken place at the venue, all competitors started rigging up their tackle & preparing the ground bait. As soon as the 07:00 signal was given to start fishing the anglers started ground baiting & casting their first casts .

As soon as we started there was some Pandora (Pagell) being caught by the ones that where casting further out , the ones that were fishing closer they started catching Annular Bream (Sparli). A good while after the start of the competition the fish stopped biting but there was still a few bites in various spots that where catching Mullet (Mullet) & nice sized Parrot Fish (Marzpan). During the Competition there was quite a few visitors that came to watch & obviously the competitors where asking whom is doing well & is in with the chance of winning the Competition, but with the amount of fish caught on the day it was not possible to tell & couldn’t speculate who was going to win.

When the final signal was given at 11:00 the anglers started to rig down their tackle & the Marshalls started with the usual procedure f weighing in the fish caught. There was 19 competitors taking part on the day, it was a good day for fishing there was hardly any wind apart from later on to the end of the fishing session.

The winners of this 6th Leg Singles Competition was Sandro Zammit with 2 Kilos & 350 grams , in 2 nd place Jamie Bonnici with 2 Kilos & 2300 grams & in 3rd place Brian Farrugia with 2 Kilos & 120 grams. Total fish caught was no less than 23 Kilos which is a good result considering the time of year. Wish to emphasize that all the fish caught where all released.

Gathered up to name the winners of the match day where presented with Vouchers from our sponsor ‘Fishin Fever tar Rabat’

With this being the last leg of the singles League the League winners are as follows in 1st place Sandro Zammit, in second place Jamie Bonnici & in third place Brain Farrugia.

The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

Any one wishing to follow us or join our 'Club' can do this by either joining us on facebook or visit our website For those that would like to join the Club for the 2015 Season you can do that by either visit our website Hooked on fishing Club Malta or visit us at Fishin Fever Rabat

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