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Hooked On Fishing Annual General Meeting 2015

This was held on the 11th January 2015 at Attard Football Club where we all met at 09:30am. As soon as the members started to arrive the membership fees for this year’s season where being collected & drink tokens given out, whilst chatting on what everyone’s expectations / suggestions were for this year’s season. There was a very encouraging attendance with 49 Members registered to date.

The Meeting started at 10:15am where last year’s minutes were read out by the club’s secretary Mr Raymond Farrugia, this was followed by the Administrative report that was read out by a new member of the committee Mr Dorian Formosa.

The Club’s cashier Mr Clayton Attard explained the financial report for the past year & noted that the balance was favourable. It was Mr Peter Paul Azzopardi the Club’s president’s turn to make a speech to the members and started by thanking all the members for their attendance & explained how the club’s interest are the members. Thanked the continuous support of our Main Sponsors that are Ellevi Malta/Fishin Fever Rabat & Xuereb Installations Ltd that have sponsored the club again this year and Camilleri Marine and General Soft drinks for their sponsor too. Also a new sponsor thanks to Josef Cassar was also announced which is Global Capital plc & Josef Cassar explained what the sponsor consists of. Tubertini Malta also is sponsoring the biggest fish trophies for the 3 Leagues. Mr Peter Paul Azzopardi continued by thanking Mrs Sandra Agius Darmanin for her continuous support & her dedication. Last but not least for all the times she bakes cakes & brings them to the venue where we all share whilst drinking a cup of coffee.

Then it was time to discuss some changes to regulations after some lessons learnt throughout the year & the ‘H.O.F.C Jackpot’ was also introduced for this year’s season.

New Venues were also discussed between all were everyone present agreed on all the club had to say with regards to the changes etc. There was a point brought up that will be discussed by the Committee in the next meeting.

Mr Peter Paul Azzopardi announced the delegation of the Committee members as follows Mr Peter Paul Azzopardi: President / Venues, Mr Raymond Farrugia: Secretary, Mr Clayton Attard: Cashier, Mr John Cardona: Vice President/Activities, Mr Lawrence Pulis

PRO/Web Developer, Mr Dorian Formosa: Coordinator/Scouting, Mr Josef Cassar: Charity Events and Marketing

The meeting came to an end 11:30am with a small party that was organised by the club where there was finger food available & the members could spend some time discussing what was said in the meeting & what the club has in store for them this year. Let us all enjoy & have fun this season as one big family sharing our expertise & knowledge.

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