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Hooked On Fishing Club Malta Doubles League Registration 2015.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta Doubles League Registration 2015.

Venue : Attard Football Club at 18:30hrs

On the day we started by having the members come in & fill out the registration forms for the Doubles League , there was a very good attendance with the final number of applicants was of 44 Anglers that formed 22 Teams. This is a very encouraging figure for the second year of the Club, the family keeps getting bigger.

The Venues where announced before calling the Marshall’s out & the Venues were as follows:

18/01/2015 1st Leg Primary Venue (Laboratry Wharf) with the alternative of (Boilers Wharf)

08/02/2015 2nd Leg Primary Venue (Shipbuilding) with the alternative of (Santa Miria Estate 'Mellieha')

08/03/2015 3rd Leg Primary Venue (Manuel Island) with the alternative of (Sliema)

15/03/2015 4th Leg Primary Venue (Valletta Waterfront) with the alternative of (Deepwater Quay / 'Foss')

01/05/2015 5th Leg Primary Venue (Laboratry Wharf) with the alternative of ('Xaghjra') or (Cospicua & Senglea)

A draw took place once all the registrations where finalised to select the Marshall’s for all the Doubles Matches

1st match 18/01/15: Peter Paul Azzopardi & Mario Micallef, Josef Cassar & Luke Bullit, Sheldon Bouvett & Duncan Demicoli, Stephen Borg & Jason Parnis.

2nd match 08/02/15: Lawrence Pulis & Joseph Pulis, Francois Borg & Wayne Bugeja, Michael Godfrey & Robert Attard, Clayton Spiteri & Miguel Cutajar .

3rd match 08/03/15: Dorian Formosa & Darren Stafrace Il-fjamm, Gareth Farrugia & Jamie Bonnici, Redmond Vella & Ganni Borg, Hertian Gauci & Godfrey Mifsud.

4th match 15/03/15: Raymond Farrugia & Christian Cefai, John Cardona & Miguel Grech, Jonathan Bonnici & Joseph Gower Ellul, Il Qamar Zammit & Brian Farrugia, Carmel Spiteri & Alexander Spiteri.

5th match 01/05/15: Clayton Attard & Matthew Mizzi, Rodrick Dimech & Adrian Nelson, Robbie Sciberras & Antione Theuma, James Mamo & David Dedono, Etienne Grech Sillato & Roderick Tabone.

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