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HOFC Malta Seminar / 'Fenkata' This was held at Attard FC

Seminar / 'Fenkata' This was held at Attard FC on the 8th April 2015. At 19:00 hrs everyone started to arrive for this Seminar / 'Fenkata' & as usual chatting away on what we all enjoy doing fishing. The evening then kicked off with a some very informative information which was presented by Adrian Nelson​ . The subject was Float fishing in Competition & the main set up explained was the Bolognese rig. This was of interest to all attendants as we all use different methods for this type of rig. Everyone interacted & participated in the conversations & questions were also asked at around 21:00hrs we all gathered round the table as on big family for a 'Fenkata' were the topic of the evening was being still discussed & experiences shared. It was a pleasant evening being round so many friendly people were we all enjoyed the evening.

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