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Past Events

Hooked on Fishing, Seminar about Fishing for Mullet followed by Pasta Night.

Venue: Pembroke Athleta Sports Bar & Restaurant @ 19:30.

We all started gathering at around 19:30 as usual everyone chatting about what we all are passionate about which is obviously fishing. There was quite a good turn out as this was with family & friends for who wanted to attend. There was a very nice atmosphere at the venue & felt welcoming with appetizers flowing all the time.

It was time to start with the Seminar on how to fish for Mullet which was kicked off by Peter Paul Azzopardi with his vast experience fishing for Mullet, going through all the different & most productive set ups for rigs & what tackle one should use to catch this such strong species of fish the Mullet. It was also explained the lighter tackle you use the more chance of hooking the Mullet. The most important thing to get right is the Ground bait, which Peter Paul Azzopardi also explained & also brought some products which are a very well-known brand Ellevi due to it does what it is meant to do the best in the Water. Main points of information were on how to get the Mullet to feed around you spot & keep it coming in for more, this was by having two different mixtures with one being to get the Mullet to attract it around your swim & another to use when the Mullet starts actually biting to keep it around you which also leaves a white cloud when it hits the water. You could see that all the anglers present were paying close attention & started to ask questions & interacting in the conversations. There were quite a few examples discussed of what to do & what not to do that the members came across in previous competitions & lessons learnt. This was followed up with a brief spiel Josef Cassar same again sharing his experiences on fishing for Mullet & what has been working for him.

Once the Seminar was completed we all started to make our way to the table that was set up for all of us to start enjoying the food that was prepped for us. Everyone took turns to the Pasta buffet table & helped themselves to whatever they liked accompanied by Wine & soft drinks. You could see that the food was quite tasty as there was a few that stood up again for seconds.

Overall it was a pleasant evening together as one big family once again & a lot of knowledge & opinions have been shared.

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