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4th Leg H.O.F.C Xuereb Installations Singles Ltd league 2015

After a short summer break it was time to continue with this years singles League. This Competition was held on the 30/08/2015 at Cospicua 'Bacir' number 1. Commenced at 06:30 & finished at 10:30, as usual we all met up at 05:30 the usual banter between all the participants. There was quite a few anglers that never had fished this venue before hence everyone was speculating what type of fish they could come across. In the meantime the pegs where being placed with the anglers eagerly awaited the draw to see which spot they where going to fish. At the same time the 'H.O.F.C Jackpot was drawn and it was peg number 2 that was with the possibility to win it.

The sea state was favourable with hardly any swell at all. You could hear the first casts landing & all the splashes of the ground-bait hitting the surface as soon as they heard the signal sounded at 06:30 . This venue did not look promising as there was not much fish biting at all in none of the swims the participants were fishing. It proved to be a very challenging session for all taking part on the day. There was quite a few small different species of bream caught but for the rest there was not many more different types of fish caught apart from a couple of wrasse , small salema , Demsel fish & a couple of mullets. This was the same all the way through of the 4 hrs competition proved frustrating at times but all kept their calm & took on the challenge with just focusing on how to land fish & utilising as many different techniques possible. . In the meantime a hot dog was being prepped on the spot by the Marshalls of the day & handed them out to the competitors which is something that has become the norm at the Club.

The Marshall's started the weigh in process as soon as the signal was given to end the fishing session at 10:30hrs. Anglers started rigging down the gear to follow the Marshall's weigh in process & see what fish was caught eagerly awaiting the results of each section to see how they all done as there was not too much difference in weight in all the respective sections.

Wish to emphasise that all the fish caught where all released. The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

The usual gathering at the end of the match with everyone discussing what went on that morning, learning from each other knowledge experience & techniques used. Refreshments were made available , sponsored by General Soft Drinks & home made cake that Raymond Farrugia managed to obtain for the day thanks for the continuous support. There was raffle tickets also being sold with a chance of winning a series '500 Tica Reel' sponsored by ‘Fishin Fever' . Etienne G Silato was the winner for this draw.

Winners of the match day where presented by Mario Micallef with Vouchers from our sponsor ‘Fishin Fever' Rabat

The winners of this H.O.F.C Xuereb Installations Singles League 2015 4th Leg were Joseph Ellul with a weight of 1 Kilo 180 grams ,in 2nd place Luke Bonnici with 1 Kilos 100 grams & 3rd place Sandro Zammit with 950 grams.

Section Wins : Peter Paul Azzopardi / Miguel Grech / Ray Farrugia / David Debono

Biggest Fish ; Miguel Grech Parrot Fish 980 grams

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