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Past Events

First match in the Hooked on Fishing Club Malta Ellevi ‘Mullet League’2015

The first Match was held on the 20th September 2015 , which was held in Marsascala. The competition started at 07:00 And finished at 11:00. As usual it was a pleasant atmosphere all participants discussing about what we all are passionate about and a few jokes were also thrown in.

Once all the numbers were drawn and all the names to their assigned pegs , everyone started to make their way to start preparing the fishing tackle and getting all the ground-bait ready to avoid having to delay the start of the match.

Everyone managed to have everything ready for 07:00 as soon as the start signal was sounded, you could hear the sound of the ground-bait hitting the sea surface to try and attract the Mullet to their swim. The weather was favourable on the day and after a short while you could start seeing some competitors catching Mullet, around half out of the 20 competitors managed to get some Mullet.

The Winners of this Competition sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar-Rabat' sole importer of Ellevi where in first place with 1.970kg was John Cardona, in second place with the weight of 1.340kg was Luwk Borg and in third place with the weight of 1.060kg was Clayton Spiteri.

All the winners were given out vouchers sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar-Rabat' very thankful for the continuous support.

Biggest Fish ; 0 grams

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