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Past Events

Second match in the Hooked on Fishing Club Malta Ellevi ‘Mullet League’2015

The second Match was held on the 27th September 2015 , which was held in Marsaxlokk. The competition started at 07:00 And finished at 11:00. We all met at 06:00 were everyone discussing what was expected of the venue whilst eating a couple of cheese cakes and a few jokes were not a miss neither.

The usual gathering to see the numbers being drawn and all the names to their assigned pegs , which a few spots were on the pontoons and with the others placed midst the same pontoons. Everyone started to make their way to start preparing the fishing tackle and getting their preferred ground-bait mix ready to avoid having to delay the start of the match. Amongst various things that all anglers prepare before the start signal are depth soundings to see what depth they will be fishing at and adjusting the floats to desired depths. Soma also have their keep-net set in the water to enable them to keep the fish alive for the duration of the competition to release them back unharmed to fight another day.

The weather was favourable on the day , the drawback was that in some spots there was the bluefish which is a predatory species that made fishing for Mullet quite difficult as the Mullet is really scared of the bluefish.

The Winners of this Competition sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar-Rabat' sole importer of Ellevi where in first place with a substantial weight of 3.250kg was Michael Godfrey, in second place with the weight of 900g was Lawrence Pulis and in third place with the weight of 360g was Peter Paul Azzopardi. The H.O.F.C Jackpot was also won on the day by Michael Godfrey with the amount had accumulated to €207.

All the winners were given out vouchers sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar-Rabat' very thankful for the continuous support.

Biggest Fish ; Michael Godfrey 460 grams

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