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H.O.H.C 2nd Leg ‘Angler Doubles League’ 2016

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta 2nd Leg ‘Angler Doubles League’ 2016 , there was a change to the venue as the weather conditions were not suitable du to high winds, hence it was held at 'Xemxija' limits known as ' Fekruna' instead of the proposed ' Mellieha Santa Marija Estate'

The day kicked by everyone started gathering like usual around 05:30 at the meeting point in Mellieha beside the ex Bellview. Whilst every one was arriving two of the committee members went down to the primary venue were they looked at the sea state and safety, it was decided that it was too rough. That is when it was decided to utilise the alternative venue which was 'Xemxija Fekruna' . Once we all arrived at the alternative location the pegs were being placed whilst all the numbers were being drawn to see were everyone was going to fish. As soon as all the pegs were drawn it was also time to draw the ‘H.O.F.C Jackpot’ number which was number 12 , that would of meant the winner would win €150.

Everyone started to make their way to the assigned pegs to start preparing their tackle and prepared the ground-bait. The signal was sounded as expected at 07:00hrs as everyone was ready. The weather at the alternative venue was pretty good for this time of year as it was a sunny day, the wind was not reaching us as it was sheltered. There was a slight blow coming trough sideways but nothing that we couldn't cast. With regards to productivity it was not bad as there were areas that managed to get some bottom fish mainly annular bream and others pegs did not manage to land as many. It is still good for this time of year tough. As usual the marshalls prepped something to eat which was a traditional one as it was maltese 'ftira' with a tuna mix.

The signal was sounded at 11:00 were the Chief Marshall commenced the weigh in process, whilst all the anglers started packing away the gear & tackle to gather for the results. As usual when all gathered around for the presentation everyone was discussing & sharing their experiences of the day & what they could of done better also eating cake that Sandra Agius Darmanin & Danica Farrugia made for everyone. Once the weigh in process was complete it was time for the presentation of the vouchers sponsored Fishin Fever tar-Rabat & Angler Centre. There was also raffle tickets available for a small 1000 reel which was sponsored by Tubertini Malta & this was won by James Gilson

The winners of this second Leg were in 1st Place Josef Cassar & Miguel Grech with the weight of 4Kilos 330 grams in 2nd place Luwk Borg & Luke Bullit with the weight of 3Kilos 250 grams & 3rd place Jonathan Bonnici & Joseph Gower Ellul with 2 Kilos 300 grams

Section Wins: Jamie Bonnici & Gareth Farrugia , Yau Man Law & James Mamo , Brian Farrugia & Il Sandro Zammit.

Biggest Fish: Peter Paul Azzopardi ( Moray Eel) Caught in the 1st Leg

Wish to emphasize that all the fish caught where all released were possible with the anglers ensuring minimum harm done to the fish when handling the fish. The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

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