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4th Leg H.O.F.C Angler Doubles League 2016

This 4th leg was held on the 20th March once again this year unfortunately the alternative venue had to be utilised due to permit for Manoel Island was not granted as there was on-going activities. In the meantime the alternative venue was used which was Sliema waterfront

At 05:30 you could see quite a few Anglers gathering up for this fourth Leg, there was quite some concern this time not due to the weather but due to the sea was crystal clear. You could notice everyone talking about what they would be looking at trying out & all different techniques one would be wise to use. This venue is quite an easy venue for setting up the pegs as has been fished previously in other competitions & also there was a lack of boats moored in the area.

It was time for setting up everyone with their assigned peg. Once these were assigned all the Anglers made their way to the locations & started preparing the gear, tackle & ground bait. The signal sounded at 07:00hrs & all you could hear were the anglers casting their lines out and the ground bait hitting the surface of the water. As already had mentioned the seas were very clear so it was not an easy task getting the fish to bite. There were some spots that were managing to attract some bouge & blotched picarel & proved quite difficult to keep the fish interested.

There was quite a variety of bottom fish caught such as wrasse, various type of bream, rockfish, common Pandora & also a couple of Gurnards were caught on the day. At the latter stages in the completion the Marshalls distributed a light snack which consisted of a tub of crisps. It was soon time to start the weigh in process were everyone and with this being the fourth leg out of five all the anglers were keen to see how they have progressed. Once all the weights were in it was time for the presentation of the vouchers from the sponsors ‘Fishing Fever tar Rabat’ & Angler Centre which is also the main sponsor of this doubles League. Biggest Fish Trophy by Tubertini Malta & refreshments by General Soft Drinks Ltd. Raffle item supplied by Fishin Fever tar Rabat , also a thank you to Sandra Agius Darmanin for the home baked muffins & Raymond Farrugia for the angry birds crisps. Raffle ticket 'Fishin Fever Tar Rabat' sponsored a 5m Bolognese rod was won by Lawrence Pulis.

The winners of this fourth Leg were in 1st Place Jonathan Bonnici & Joseph Ellul with the weight of 3 Kilos 010 grams in 2nd place James Gilson & Michael Godfrey with the weight of 2 Kilo 390 grams & 3rd place Peter Paul Azzopardi & Adrian Nelson with 1 Kilo 990 grams

Section Wins: Hertian Gauci & Godfrey Mifsud, Etienne Grech Sillato & Christian Cefai, Paul Sammut & Brady Sammut.

Biggest Fish: Brady Sammut Gurnard (410 grams)

Wish to emphasize that all the fish caught where all released were possible with the anglers ensuring minimum harm done to the fish when handling the fish. The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

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