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10/07/16 H.O.F.C Malta 3rd Leg Xuereb Installations Ltd Singles 2016

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta

3rd Leg Xuereb Installations Ltd Singles 2016

This 3rd Leg of the singles competition sponsored by Xuereb Installations Ltd was held on the 10th July at Boilers Wharf in Senglea. This venue was chosen for this Leg due to around the coast it is quite busy due to a lot of people going swimming this time of year. This way no one would be interrupted due to this is not a place where anyone swims.

We all met up at 5:30 to start up a little earlier to avoid the strong heat off the sun which is quite hot at this time of year. As soon as everyone arrived we all made our way in together due to this is not a public place & need special permits in place to enable us to use this place. Once we all got in to the fishing spot to start up with setting the pegs for the competitors & start the draw for assigning the anglers to their pegs. The weather & sea state where favorable as one can expect in the start of Summer, you could see everyone was keen to get the peg number & make their way over to them to get this competition going before the club goes into a break until September.

The usual spirit within this big family prior to going over to the pegs was a very good one with all wishing each other luck before they start rigging up the fishing gear & preparing the ground bait mixture. This League being quite a close one & you could see the seriousness of getting a good result in a very pleasant manner & good sportsmanship between the 25 anglers taking part.

At 06:30 the signal sounded to commence the competition , you could see all the anglers trying out their own technique were you could see all different types of rigs & set ups also quite a few different mixtures of ground baits depending on what type of fish was being targeted. There was not a specific species that was being caught although at certain pegs there was quite a few annular bream & other bottom fish. There was also a specific peg were the Mullet made its presence & he managed to land 3 & a salema of around 500 grams each which helped him to win this competition. At the latter part of the competition the marshalls started to prepare & distribute to the Anglers which this time it was a traditional Maltese Tuna roll kindly prepped by Niccu Pizza at ‘Attard’ & a cold bottle of water sponsored by General Soft Drinks . The final signal was sounded at 10:30 exactly once the 4 hrs were up & all the anglers started to retrieve all their gear & waiting quite on edge to see how they did on the day apart from the ones close by.

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