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Past Events

07/01/18 HOFC / MCAST U21 Shore Fishing Tournament

This morning HOFC in collaboration with the MCAST students in advanced diploma in Sports organised the U21 Shore fishing tournament. The event was planned last December as a part project assigned to these students to organise a sports event on their own.

HOFC members explained to these teens how a proper tournament should be organised, taking in consideration all the planning involved for such events.

Starting from the venue planning and how this should accommodate anglers, preparing the rules for the match and briefing all competitors involved and how marshalling should be made throughout the match.

It was a great experience for both HOFC members and these students, some of which did not even know that fishing was such a great sports.

Teaching and coaching these teens was also done on how fish should be kept alive and cared for so that no fish are dead during the match.

Special thanks goes to all those that participated in this great event that will highlight the importance of our club in teaching and coaching new people in this sports. Also a big thanks to all those members that provided all the fishing rods, tackle and all the necessary equipment needed.

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