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08/02/18 Match 1 HOFC Tubertini Doubles League 2018

Well it’s that time of the year again, when the so much awaited doubles league gets underway. This year’s venues were all chosen by anglers who will be participating. It was done with the help of a poll in which all participants could vote for their preferred 5 different venues outside ports while also choosing their favourite 5 different venues inside harbours.

First match was scheduled for Zonqor point, but with a strong wind blowing from the north west it was quite impossible to organise. As agreed it was shifted to the well sheltered Senglea front.

All anglers gathered at 6.00am sharp and by 7.00am the match started. With 2 different sections of 4 teams in each the match was quite balanced. First casts indicated slow bites …. Purely North winds were not helping either.

Noel Baldacchino and Dorian Formosa were soon off with catching some nice pandoras on running ledger with far casts. On their left Lawrence and Sheldon were doing mostly poles. While Marlon and Wayne the newcomers were doing mostly bottom fish which were slow biting. Dorian and Noel managed a good solid 6 points from this section followed by Marlon and Wayne with 5, Lawrence and Sheldon with 4, while veterans Joe and Ninu had to settle for a 3 point. In the other section Peter and Adrian won with 6 points with a catch of 1.5kgs. It was mostly bottom fish, with 2 parrots, some pandoras, small breams all on running ledger and a good number of damsels fished by Peter on pole. Second in section with 5 points the Spiteri brothers, followed by John Cardona and Paul Sammut with 4 points. Matthew Dimech fishing on his own managed a 3 point for his team, while Radian and David Borg were absent.

It was quite a cold morning with a breeze blowing directly from the North. All fish were released after weigh in.

Overall winners were Adrian Nelson and Peter Paul Azzopardi, second place Carmel Spiteri and his brother Alex, while in third Noel Baldacchino and Dorian Formosa. Section wins were won by Paul Sammut and John Cardona, Marlon Tanti and Wayne Bugeja.

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