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11/09/16 H.O.F.C 2nd Leg Ellevi Mullet League 2016

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta , 2nd Leg Ellevi Mullet League 2016. On the 11th of September 2016 , this 2nd Leg was held at Marsxlokk Promenade were on the day the Marsaxlokk local council had also combined another competition which was amalgamated with our one. It was pleasant to see a few other friends from another Angling Club King Fisher joining us for this event.

Everyone started to arrive at the meeting point early hours which was a little hectic for unloading all the fishing gear due to the parking space were scarce and the main road closed because of the other event being held in this picturesque fishing village. Once everyone was present at 06:00 the usual draw of the pegs were called out to enable the anglers to make their way to their assigned fishing spots. You could see everyone rigging up their gear, prepping their ground bait and setting up their keep nets to ensure any fish caught is kept alive to release at the end of the competition

The start signal was sounded at 07:15 due to some delays occurred to get to the assigned pegs because of the parking situation. From the very first casts you could see that this was going to be quite challenging as there was only a couple of places were the Mullet was present. There was also more activity than usual due to quite a few boats were continuously coming in and out to take the tourists present for the event to a tour around the bay. This could of contributed to the lack of bites as the Mullet is quite a weary species which will get them to go out deeper were there is not so much activity.

The lack of bites & fish caught came as a surprise to all due to this venue is well known for the descent amount of Mullet caught on previous occasions. It was only a couple of spots which were productive for the rest only other species caught mainly bream. The weather was not an issue as it was favourable but the fish were just not interested. The competition ended at 11:15 were the weigh in process commenced to determine the winners of the day. Important to note that All Mullet & other fish caught were released back into the sea to fight another day.

Everyone gathered for the results of the first Leg of this League sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar Rabat' importer of the Major Ground-bait Brand Ellevi. As usual everyone discussing what went on during the day and what they could of done better whilst enjoying the refreshments which were supplied by General Soft drinks.

The winners of the day were presented with vouchers sponsored by Fishin Fever & Angler Centre. In 1st Place was Aaron Xuereb with a weight of 1 Kilo 390 grams , in second place with 1 Kilo 030 grams Miguel Grech & in third place Alexander Spiteri with 640 grams . The biggest fish of the day was caught by Miguel Grech at the weight of 450 grams which saw Peter Paul Azzopardi out with the previous biggest fish weight of 310 grams that could win him the biggest fish trophy sponsored by Tubertini Malta,, although it is still a possible weight to beat. Jackpot was not won this time round , prize is still accumulating.

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