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09/10/16 H.O.F.C 4th & Final Leg Ellevi Mullet League 2016

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta , 4th & Final Leg Ellevi Mullet League 2016. Birzebbuga was the venue that was chosen for this final leg on the 9th of October 2016.

With this being the final leg you could see most of the anglers exited as this league was far from over still a chance of being anyone of winning it especially at a venue like Birzebbuga were anything can happen and it is well renowned for being quite a good place were you can find Mullet. The main discussions in the morning were all about what techniques will be used never the less a few jokes were not a miss like most mornings before a competition. When everyone arrived started off by assigning the fishing spots by means of a draw.

This year the weather has been very kind to us during the Mullet League , which is good for a change, especially with the poor weather we had in other competitions earlier on the year. When the Anglers found their fishing spots , immediately started rigging their preferred set up , ensuring they have the winning formula for ground bait. The ground bait plays a big part in this type of fishing as you do not want just to attract the Mullet but you want to try & ensure that it stays there. This is very difficult to do when you are fishing by your self never mind when others on both sides of you are just doing the same. You could see all the rods pointing out towards the water & the sound of all the different shapes and sizes of ground-bait hitting the water when the start signal was sounded at 07:00

Again it was not looking like it was going to be that much of easy task on this final leg neither, the bites very very seldom and not many descent sized Mullet were going in for the bite. A few spots had the smaller size Mullet close to their spots which they were trying to attract at their swim to enable them to start adding some weight to their current scores. With this being the last leg of the League all that mattered was that the weight kept increasing no matter how big the fish were, obviously all fish unhooked with care & kept in a big keep net to ensure they live to release after the weigh in to fight another day.

The competition ended at 11:00 were the weigh in process commenced to determine the winners of the day and also the winner of the League Overall. Everyone gathered for the results of the first Leg of this League sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar Rabat' importer of the Major Ground-bait Brand Ellevi. As usual everyone discussing what went on during the day and what they could of done better whilst enjoying the refreshments which were supplied by General Soft drinks.

The winners of the day were presented with vouchers sponsored by Fishin Fever & Angler Centre. In 1st Place was Miguel Grech with a weight of 1 Kilo 340 grams , in second place with 920 grams Brady Sammut & in third place Adrian Nelson we with 810 grams.

The biggest fish of the day remained the one that was caught in the second leg by Miguel Grech at the weight of 450 grams which means he has won the biggest fish trophy sponsored by Tubertini Malta. As if that was not enough for Miguel Grech now clinching first place overall with today win and weight he was also drawn as the possible Jackpot winner which he also won that. It had accumulated to the nice sum of €397.

The Final result for the Ellevi Mullet League 2016 Overall winners are 1st place Miguel Grech , 2nd place last years winner Michael Godfrey & in third place Adrian Nelson whom also won this league in 2014.

Would like to thank all participants that entered this League this year & made it a pleasant one showing very good sportsmanship. Thanks to all our sponsors that help us make this happen & committee members involved in ensuring that all goes as planned. Never the less a big thank you goes to Sandra Agius Darmanin, Ilona Bonello and Carmel Spiteri for taking the time of taking pictures during this League.

Anyone that wishes to follow our Club is more than welcome to either visit our Facebook page Hooked On Fishing Club Malta jew or visit our site

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