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16/07/17 Hooked On Fishing Club Malta2nd Leg Xuereb Installations League 2017 held at 'Qawra&#39

The Second Leg was held on the 16th of June at ‘Qawra’ around the coast near the National Aquarium. This was the second Leg from the 6 Matches of this years Xuereb Installations League 2017. The Match started at 06:45 & ended at 10:45.

Everyone gathered at 05:15 were we all were meant to go over to Saint Paul’s Islands but due to unforeseen circumstances out with our control we had to change the venue. A swift decision was to use ‘Qawra’ as it was the closest venue with very similar rock structure & fishing environment.

Once everything was ready with all the pegs assigned & the Anglers ready to commence the match which took around 45 minutes to do so. As soon as the start signal sounded you could see everyone trying out the best technique due to the sea state was not favorable with strong seas hitting the rocks just underneath us. Although it was harsh conditions it was being monitored at all times to ensure that it was safe to do so. The conditions were making it very difficult for the Anglers but you could see all everyone doing his best & hooking into some bottom fish. In the meantime, there was a few anglers that were also refreshed by the occasional big wave that soaked them wet too. The main fish species that were caught were various types of sea bream, wrasse & parrot fish. There was a very little qty of box lip mullet caught too but only in certain areas. Never the less this was classed as a challenge & all the Anglers of this Club shown what they are made of and managed to land a total of a little more than 17 kilos.

Important to note that All fish caught were released back into the sea to fight another day & the areas that could not rig up a keep net ensured they had a decent size bucket over 15 ltrs & ensured water changes completed frequently to avoid harm to fish. The club always ensures that the minimum damage is done to the fish to ensure the fish are released back to their environment safely without too much impact.

Everyone gathered for the results of the first Leg of this League sponsored by Xuereb Installations As usual everyone discussing what went on during the day and what they could of done better whilst enjoying the refreshments which were supplied by General Soft drinks.

The winners of the day were presented with vouchers sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar Rabat' importer of the Major Ground-bait Brand Ellevi. In 1st Place was Peter Paul Azzopardi with 1 Kilo 900 grams , in second place Carmel Spiteri 1 Kilo 790 grams & in third place Dorian Formosa with 1 Kilo 780 grams.

Section Winners Aaron Xuereb & Adrian Nelson

The HOFC Jackpot was not claimed in this match. The raffle Prize which was sponsored by Tubertini was a reel & won by Maverick Mulliet. There was no biggest fish weighed in in this Match for the biggest fish Trophy sponsored by Tubertini Malta.

Anyone that wishes to follow our Club is more than welcome to either visit our Facebook page Hooked On Fishing Club Malta or visit our site

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