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30/07/17 Hooked On Fishing Club Malta 3rd Leg Xuereb Installations League 2017 held at ' Vallett

The 3rd Leg of the Hooked On Fishing Club Xuereb Installations League 2017 was held today at Valletta ‘Pixkerijja’. All the Anglers started to gather early hours in the morning with some of the early birds at the site for 05:00, obviously discussing on how they are expecting to fish this venue & any previous experiences they had in the past. It was a very nice morning & the weather was favourable with Westerly breeze becoming south westerly at the latter stage of the competition. It was agreed to meet at 05:30 to commence at 06:30 to have it wrapped up by 10:30 to avoid the Anglers to sit in the sun through the latter stages of the match as temperatures soared up 30 & 32 Degrees felt like 36 – 38 .

The Pegs were assigned in the new format, with each section also randomly drawn pegs for them & the Anglers started making their way to prepare all the gear they plan to set up & use. As usual whilst all the preparations are being done you could see everyone discussing what techniques they will be looking to try out as most all of them fished this venue previously knowing that this is a tricky venue which could go both ways.

The signal sounded to start ground baiting just 5 minutes prior to the actual start signal. When the start signal sounded you could hear the sounds of the poles & lines being casted by all anglers in the silence of the morning.

This venue is a well-known difficult one but as usual the Anglers did all they can to manage a descant weight. There was quite a few bottom fish caught like Painted wrasse ‘ Gharusa’ , painted Comber ‘Burqax’ , Five Spotted Wrasse ‘Tird’ , Various sea bream ‘Sparli’ & ‘Xirgħien’ also Parrot Fish ‘ Marzpan’ , In the mix there was also a few pegs that were managing to hook some Boxlip mullet ‘Bobin’ & also Bouge ‘Vopi’. The main species known to be in the area is the saddled bream ‘Kahlija was not present or at least shy to bite. You could see various techniques being applied by Anglers too make the most of the time allocated of the match to ensure they caught as much fish possible.

Important to note that All fish caught were released back into the sea to fight another day. The club always ensures that the minimum damage is done to the fish to ensure the fish are released back to their environment safely without too much impact. Also stringent rules applied on the Anglers to encourage them to keep the fish in good condition.

Everyone gathered for the results of the third Leg of this League sponsored by Xuereb Installations As usual everyone discussing what went on during the day and what they could of done better whilst enjoying the refreshments which were supplied by General Soft drinks.

The winners of the day were presented with vouchers sponsored by 'Fishin Fever tar Rabat' importer of the Major Ground-bait Brand Ellevi. In 1st Place was Dorian Formosa with a weight of 2 Kilos 060 grams, in joint in second place Adrian Nelson & Sheldon Bouvett with 2 Kilos 040 grams . Section Winners : Aaron Xuereb & John Cardona. Raffle Winner was Maverick Muliett which was sponsored by Tubertini Malta.

There was no biggest fish weighed in in this Match for the biggest fish Trophy sponsored by Tubertini Malta. Same goes for the HOFC Jackpot was not won this time round, prize is still accumulating.

Anyone that wishes to follow our Club is more than welcome to either visit our Facebook page Hooked On Fishing Club Malta or visit our site

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