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21/09/17 Hooked On Fishing Club Malta friends gone Garfish 'Imsell' Fishing.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta, Garfish Fishing. Another thing that the Club does is a random day fishing targeting specific species. This always an open fishing day for all the Hooked On Fishing club members. Some people attend due to it is one of their favourite techniques & others attend to learn from the experienced anglers. In fact on the day there was a few anglers that have never even tried fishing for them never mind catching them.

It is our satisfaction to see that we are helping whomever has fishing as a passion & always learning new techniques & sharing each other’s lessons learnt. We met up early hours & obviously you could see some excitement from the anglers that have never fished garfish before. It was a great experience for all as there was hundreds of them on the day which enabled everyone to enjoy catching a few of them. Thanks to all the team whom attended Ganni Borg Joseph Magri Dean Gravina Joe Butigieg

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