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Past Events

1st Leg H.O.F.C Angler Doubles League 2016

Everyone started making their way to their spots to start rigging up & prepping the ground bait & await for the signal at 07:00. Due to a slight delay the signal sounded at 07:10 instead. The weather was very favorable for this time of year in fact it was quite calm with the downside the sea was very clear. After a couple of hours the wind started picking up & just kept increasing which made it a little more difficult for the anglers. The Marshalls also prepped some thing to eat ‘Hot Dogs’ for the anglers which was much appreciated by the competitors especially as at the latter part of the competition there was a lack of fish biting.

Can say that there was a descent amount of fish caught on the day with various species of bottom fish such as parrot fish, wrasse , rockfish , comber , bouge , bream , a few anglers caught small moray eels & there was also some areas that were catching boxlip mullet at surface.

The signal was sounded at 11:10 were the Chief Marshall commenced the weigh in process, whilst all the anglers started packing away the gear & tackle to gather for the results. As usual when all gathered around for the presentation everyone was discussing & sharing their experiences of the day & what they could of done better also eating cake that Sandra Agius Darmanin made for everyone. Once the weigh in process was complete it was time for the presentation of the vouchers sponsored Fishin Fever tar-Rabat u Angler Centre. There was also raffle tickets available for a ground bait holder & keep net which was also sponsored by Fishin Fever tar Rabat & this was won by Adrian Nelson.

The winners of this first Leg were in 1st place Jonathan Bonnici & Joseph Ellul with a good weight of 3 Kilos 080 grams, in 2nd place Luke Bonnici & Luwk Borg with 2 Kilos 090 grams & in 3rd place Peter Paul Azzopardi & Adrian Nelson with 1 Kilo 770 grams.

Section Winners on the day were: Jamie Bonnici & Gareth Farrugia, Alex Spiteri & Carmel Spiteri, James Gilson & Michael Godfrey. Biggest Fish: Peter Paul Azzopardi ( Moray Eel)

Wish to emphasize that all the fish caught where all released were possible with the anglers ensuring minimum harm done to the fish when handling the fish. The Club practices catch and release in order to ensure sustainability and to avoid overfishing of fish from our waters.

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