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04/03/18 Match 2 HOFC Tubertini Doubles League 2018

This morning it was the second day of the Tubertini HOFC Doubles League 2018.

It was scheduled to be in Gozo Xatt L-Ahmar and everything looked according to plan. Weather perfectly fine with a negligible breeze blowing early morning the early rays of light clearly showed it was going to be a perfect day in March.

All 20 anglers participating in the doubles league met near the Cirkewwa ferry to make it off for the sister island. Match started at 7.30am sharp and first bites indicated small fish.

With 2 sections of 5 and 4 teams accordingly all pegs were set and fish started accumulating in keepnets. Section A composed of 5 teams was won by Marlon Tanti and Wayne Bugeja. Mastering the small mullet on topwater technique the guys managed to keep the bubin at their own peg with continuous groundbaiting and accumulating a total of over 2.9kgs which set them on top of the table with 11 points.

Second on the day were Dorian Formosa and Noel Baldacchino which also kept a good strike from the first match. Mostly they caught the fish with some long casting running ledger technique and accumulated a 1.7kgs of bottom fish.

Well-earned points also in third position with Lawrence Pulis and Sheldon Bouvett as they netted a total of 1.4kgs which enabled them another 4 points in the table.

Sections wins went for the Spiteri Brothers with 1.2kgs and Godfrey Mifsud together with his partner Hertian Gauci who netted some nice parrot fish to total them the 1.3kgs

Next match is scheduled for next Sunday 11th March to be chosen between Qawra Fra Ben Area and Cirkewwa ferry terminal. More details will be given later on this week due to weather forecasts.

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