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Past Events

3rd NFSAM Match held at Marsamxett April 2018.

This week our club participated again with honours in the National Federation League. It was again a positive outing for our boys with Matthew Dimech winning in style the overall man of the day. Running float method enabled him to net just over the 2kgs mark. Well done boy! Infact 3 different sections were won by HOFC anglers. Niccu Pizz John also won his section with a nice catch mastering the running float method and even a second overall with 1.46kgs of parrot fish. In this section Adrian Nelson also did little damage with 3 points just 100gms shy of Colmic boy Aaron Xuereb. Another section won by HOFC angler was that of Sheldon Bouvett of Tubertini. Our boy managed a nice moray eel in the early hours of the match and with just 600gms he surpassed all the anglers in his section and gave the club some well-deserved points. In his section Marlon Tanti also fought well to minimise the damage with 3 points which clearly showed how new anglers in our club are topping up tables. The only section we did not manage to win was that of Carmelo Quattrocchiwho managed a nice second place just 10gms shy of John Attard from KSFA. This match was only fished using the float method …. A method which might not be the easiest to handle in such winter conditions, but week after week of training and preparation …. Evenings of discussions between anglers and well prepared teams and strategies from our club coach Peter Paul Azzopardi are now giving big results. This is the story so far for the 2018 National Shore fishing League … just one match to go and we are leading again and topping the tables including Etienne Grech Sillato & Noel Baldacchino Who would believe at the start of the year that we would have come so far again this year? We are proud of you boys … together we have found the perfect formula of new anglers mixed with some experienced …. We have built our teams with the perfect timing from our coach Peter Paul Azzopardi the master behind it all and the committee boys who are always there when in need. Let’s keep focused for the rest of the days until the final match on May 1st …… let’s keep training up and running every Saturday …. Let’s believe we can do it and it will be again a super year for the club that brings successful anglers to the sport fishing in Malta.

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