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5th Match HOFC Proserv Ellevi Singles League 2018 .

It was the fifth match of the Ellevi Proserv HOFC singles league yesterday at Gzira Promanade.

With strong breeze from our backs it looked ideal for an early summer fishing match that started in the early sunrise.

At 6.15am horn sounded for groundbaiting and in five minutes all anglers were busy searching the first fish.

In section A, Adrian Nelson started well off early a speed fishing session for damsels that ensured full 6 points from his group with over a 2kg that also earned him the best overall weight on the day. Paul Sammut managed a good 5 points by clinching third place overall but second in his section. Meanwhile Lawrence Pulis managed his final 4 points in the league, Michael Godfrey 3 points and Brady Sammut narrowed his chances for the overall podium with just 2 points.

In section B it was completely a different story as most of the anglers in this section were trying their luck for mullets. In section C it was a good day for Carmel Spiteri that managed a good 6 points and some good position in the overall table with 1.76kgs of mixed fish. Marlon Tanti was second in this section with some nice mullets and total weight of 1.6kgs.

Ninu Zahra surprisingly won section C with a good mix of damsels and other bottom fish with 1.3kgs.

It all boils down to the final match of next Sunday in Manuel Island that will decide the final classifications for the podium.

Winners in first place Adrian Nelson , second place Carmel Spiteri & in third place Paul Sammut . Section winners Lawrence Pulis Marlon Tanti & Ninu Zhara. Biggest fish so far Sea Bass caught by Michael Godfrey at 840 grams at the 3rd Match.. Raffle winner Lawrence Pulis thanks to Fishin Fever tar Rabat.

A big well done goes to all the anglers participating in this year’s singles league Mainly sponsored by Proserv Ltd and Ellevi additionally Field sports & General Soft Drinks for their contribution too.

Thanks to the Marshall on the day that ensured everything went well.

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