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Marlon Tanti wins the final match but not enough to stop Nelson winning the title in Manoel Island

With clear sunny skies and moderate winds from the back Manoel Island was the perfect venue scheduled for the final match of the Singles HOFC Ellevi Proserv league 2018.

Our Hookers started well off the day and were all prepared for the fish bites which were showing some abundancy in early hours of the day. It was mainly breams on paternoster rigs and some parrot fish on some pegs which topped the fish being caught.

In section A, it looked a tough challenge with Micheal Godfrey well placed on the last peg, Adrian Nelson next to him then Marlon Tanti, Noel Baldacchino and Carmel Spiteri all with good changes for the final podium. Adrian started well off with netting a nice parrot and immediately after some fishing under the rocks he landed a moray eel which was out for the early smell of fish being captured. Marlon Tanti was set up quite nicely on a session for small mullets which were biting on the bottom. Micheal Godfrey started earning some grounds also with netting a nice mullet on maggots and kept on fishing for mullet for the whole match. This meant a nice 6 points for Marlon Tanti winning this section and overall 1st in this match and enable the 2nd place overall in the final podium, Micheal Godfrey earning the 5 points to end up in 3rd place overall and 2nd overall on the day. Nelson edged out on Noel Baldacchino and Carmel Spiteri and just clinched the 4 points needed for making it a 2nd title in a row in the club.

In section B it was a different story as Martin Pace yet again managed to impress in his first year of match fishing with a section win. Brady Sammut netted 2 nice morays and got the 5 points, whilst Sheldon & Peter Paul Azzopardi battled for the rest of the points.

Section C was won by Alex Spiteri on a narrow margin over Matthew Dimech with Joe Buttigieg & Ganni Borg clinching on to the rest of the points.

Winners in first place Marlon Tanti , second place Micheal Godfrey & in third place Adrian Nelson. Section winners Carmel Spiteri, Martin Pace and Alex Spiteri. Biggest fish of this league was registered by Micheal Godfrey with the wonderful sea bass he landed in the third match. Raffle winners Joe Buttigieg and Alex Spiteri thanks to Fishin Fever tar Rabat.

A big well done goes to all the anglers participating in this year’s singles league exclusively sponsored by Proserv Ltd and Ellevi. Additionally Field Sports & General Soft Drinks provided their contribution too.

Thanks to the Marshalls on the day Lawrence Pulis , Paul Sammut & Ninu Zhara that ensured everything went well and some real stuff marshalling with live coverage on our facebook page. Also they have captured some really nice moments from todays match with some small video clips that may be viewed on our website and facebook page.

It was yet again a great league battled in a great sportsmanship and friendship amongst the club members that ended up with a surprising handshake between all the anglers after the presentation. With a great final match that was the topping on the cake for another successfully organised league with the backing of the committee members it will be now turn for the mullet league 2018.

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