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HOFC Tubertini R18 Doubles League Registration 2019.

Hooked On Fishing Club Malta Tubertini Malta Pesca R18 Doubles League Registration 2019.

Venue : Niccu Pizz John Attard at 18:30hrs

On the day we started by having the members come in & fill out the registration forms for the Doubles League , there was a very good attendance with the final number of applicants was of 26 Anglers that formed 13 Teams.

This is again very encouraging figure to kick off the year.

The Venues where announced after the members had their say in the venues preferred before calling the Marshall’s out & the Venues were as follows:

10/02/2019 1st Leg Primary Venue (Zonqor Mscala) 24/02/2019 2nd Leg Primary Venue (Fra Ben) 24/03/2019 3rd Leg Primary Venue (Fossa Valletta) 31/03/2019 4th Leg Primary Venue (Xghajra) 07/04/2019 5th Leg Primary Venue (Manoel Island)

A draw took place once all the registrations where finalised to select the Marshall’s for all the Doubles Matches

1st match 10/02/2019: ( Peter Paul Azzopardi & Adrian Nelson , Noel Baldacchino & Matthew Dimech & Johnatan Jonathan Farrugia & Etienne Fiona Bugeja ),

2nd match 24/02/2019: ( Michael Godfrey & Martin Pace , Giovanni Merciecaa & Jeanclaude Mifsud )

3rd match 24/03/2019: ( Carmel Spiteri & Alexander Spiteri , Etienne Grech Sillato & Brady Sammut & Hertian Gauci & Godfrey Mifsud )

4th match 31/03/2019: ( Paul Sammut & Niccu Pizz John , Marlon Tanti & Wayne Bugeja )

5th match 07/04/2019: (Lawrence Pulis & Sheldon Bouvett , Jean Claude JeanClaude Tonna & Jake Seychell & Ninu Zahra & Joe Buttigieg )

Also Stay Tuned and save your €€€ as this year we will be going abroad for Match Fishing in Italy & Tunisia.

#HOFCMalta #Onebigfamily #Oneteam

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