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Marlon Tanti remarkable weight caught in 2nd Match of the HOFC Ellevi Float League 2019.

Well Done to all that took part in today's second Match of the HOFC Ellevi Float League 2019.

This was a very difficult one with not only the fish shy to bite but also the weather conditions were also wet. A storm just passed prior to the start of the match then rainy spell during the mtch with a storm again at the end of the match. This disrupted all the anglers hence there will be no photos of the presentation.

Winners of the match where as follows with a remarkable weight of 2.620Kgs in 1st place Marlon Tanti , followed in 2nd place by Niccu Pizz John with 930 grams & 3rd place Bjorn Brincat with 850grams.

Would like to thank our main sponsor for this league Ellevi Fishing - MALTA Fishin Fever Rabat , General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd for the refreshments & Pesca Tubertini Malta for the biggest fish trophy. #HOFCMalta #onebigfamily #oneteam

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