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Past Events

Group B - HOFC Garfish Challenge 2019

Thanks to the 10 Anglers that took part in this years HOFC Garfish Challenge , It was a pleasant morning all round weather was mild and most of all a few jokes between friends prior to commencing this challenge. The second 5 Qualifiers to move onto the final Match which will beheld on the 1st December are Adrian Nelson Martin Pisani Martin Pace Brady Sammut & Peter Azzopardi🎣 Big Thanks goes to all those who came to visit us this morning for coming who brought pastizzi and others taking pictures. Hard lines to the rest of the Anglers. #HOFCMalta #Oneteam #Onebigfamily. Wish all Tight Lines to the 10 Anglers that will be competing in the final on the 1st of December

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