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Past Events

Marlon Tanti equipped with Tubertini crowned as HOFC Ellevi Float Fishing Champion for second year r

Marlon Tanti equipped with Tubertini Wins the HOFC Ellevi League 2019 which means he is holding his title as the HOFC Ellevi Float Fishing Champion the second time running.

Will he be stopped next year ? Great technique used by the Champion.

This match turned the top 3 table round with Marlon managing to overtake Michael’s lead on the last match & Adrian Nelson managing to hold on the 3rd Position although he could not attend today due to currently abroad. Once Again the Venue proved tricky for any pictures to be taken at the end of the match due to heavy Rain which led to everyone making it to their vehicles for shelter.

Overall Winners of this League were :

1st Place Marlon Tanti with a Total Weight of 4.820 kg

2nd Place Michael Godfrey with a Total Weight of 4.165 kg

3rd Place Adrian Nelson with a total Weight of 3.610 kg

Thanks to all the competitors that took part in this years Float Fishing League which as usual made it a pleasant & great sportsmanship , unfortunately the weather was not on our side on a few occasions but still managed to complete all the matches with more sheltered venues. Big thanks goes to the Sponsors of which we could not do without them to carry out these events. Main Sponsor Ellevi Fishing - MALTA , General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd for the Refreshments & Tubertini Malta Pesca for the Biggest fish Trophy.

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